Call the attention of the 30s and 40s age group to the importance and timely relevance of pension planning.
Address the “Carpe diem” generation alerting them to start thinking about their retirement years, which will come in 30-40 years, while they want to live now and otherwise have not money for this.
Big Idea
Target a positive message at them that demonstrates that if they apply a bit of awareness they can release a small amount they will not miss in their daily lives.
“Live for tomorrow!” - launch a conscious consumer thinking and movement with the involvement of 3 influencers (Eszter Mengyán - HolyDuck, Jucus Szabó - 5hozzávaló, István Berecz - Move and More) who share useful tips with people that can ultimately save them a few thousands of forints without having to give up anything. In the meantime, we also contribute a bit to social awareness raising.
  • Online
    own website
  • Offline
    digital display ads
  • Online
    social media communication (Generali and influencer channels)
  • Online
    digital citylight poster
Teaser phase with a provoking question: How much can you burn? Integration of influencers throughout the campaign in all channels.