Strengthening Staropramen's premium brand position and raising awareness within a year-long integrated campaign, primarily with digital assets, secondarily with unique gastronomic solutions.
In addition to keeping premium values, you can create gastronomic events, experiences and digital content that, despite the limited budget available, will organically promote brand awareness.
The development of the Staropramen Artifacts created in 2016 for the BTL-based integrated campaign, based on the following pillars: Hidden Dinner - Secret Dinners with Konyhakör's Team, secret site with limited space, with a wonderful blend of the Czech-Hungarian fusion salad with the chef of Dávid Szakony Gastronomy Revolution - the Campaigns of the Gastronomic Campaign, with the support of Staropramen, the first documentary film and the report of the great portraits of the great portfolios that produced the credible history of gastronomy revolution from the beginning to the present day was born in Hungary. It is a unique snowfall format, With Hungarian characters in the gastronomic life, infographics Foodtruck - Staropramen foodtruck with its own recipes at every major gourmet festival Online webvideo series - Recipes, event documentation