Integrated And Digital Strategy

We conceive, dream, put into words, communicate and create a concept and a strategy, all in service of the brand. A whole lot of experience, ambition and enthusiasm in ATL, BTL and digital fields, under the auspices of creativity and strategic thinking.

Website & Facebook App Development

We are fanatic followers of online trends, and our index finger is on the all-embracing net of social media. We develop websites and create applications with real maximalism. We learn each day and constantly change along with the digital world.


The real challenge of the field of promotion is the insight-based elaboration and implementation of classic hostess mechanisms, other guerrilla and ambient solutions, as well as offline-based prize games. That is exactly what we provide: we personalise, optimise, control, and we love it.

Creative & Design

Creativity is a commitment: walking around with our eyes and ears open all the time, as well as constant field and trend exploration are the driving forces of our team. True applied art for the brand.


Extensive experience and even higher RPM all around the world of events. Fresh approach, high standards of implementation, precise organisation, and the brand leaves an impression and the customer is satisfied.